VEGAS parting shots… Goodbyeeee SEMA and onto more Coolness… #SEMA #LasVegas #CarShow #Bellagio #Paris #


A very awesome experience for this year at SEMA and Las Vegas… The highlights??

Connor Hubbard (Center) met Johnny Depp, we saw Hostess Wendy Williams, A SEMA Jeep crashed into a SEMA Ferrari, we ate too much Chocolate Cake, Bellagio Fountains are awesome, SEMA is waaaaayyyy too big, Food Trucks take 1/2 hour for a Taco, Getting lost can lead to Divine intervention, A/C can turn you into a dried pickle, Craps leads to Crap, shopping for candy at midnight is awesome, Hyundai’s are cool, locking yourself out of your room is not so fun.

Boom. Looking forward to SEMA 2015!!

Vegas_FireballTim Vegas_FireballTim

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