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Ok, so again… this week is gonna be epic. And although I threw my back out on Friday and spent most of the weekend in bed, I’m gonna bring it on home with the following amazing stuff ’cause that just how we roll here at the pad. Very grateful to Ellen DeGeneres, GM, Syd Mead & Nate Truman. Who? You’ll see…

• FIRST UP… Kathie and I are delivering Ellen DeGeneres’  TOP SECRET Christmas Mascot to the set at WB at 11am this morning for “THE 12 DAYS of GIVEAWAYS” on THE ELLEN SHOW. No one has seen what the Mascot is for this year is yet, except a select few and since Kathie’s been building them for the last 8 years, it’s awesome. What is it? Well, He/She will be revealed on the 3rd, baby. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. Then, later today… in comes the CHEVY COLORADO to the Pad for this week’s Malibu drive. So awesome.


• THEN… later this week, I head to Pasadena to shoot the next episode of 5MINUTE DRIVE with my new guest and Master Futurist SYD MEAD. Syd is known for designing BLADE RUNNER and many other movies and is also responsible for the car we’re gonna drive. The 1973 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron. Wait, can you FEEL IT? Classic Shwing!!

• NEW BOOK!!! Don’t forget to pick up a copy of my NEW BOOK… Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of Wacky States” for the kid in your life! It’s an awesome Xmas gift that will teach them everything cool about our country!

NEXT… Off to drive THE 1966 BATMOBILE with Nate Truman who’s head of STARCAR CENTRAL for the 2nd segment of next week’s episode of 5MD! To the Bat Valley!!

And as usual, the regular nonsense will ensue with COOL CARS, HOLLYWOOD HEROINES, COOP PUPS & WACKY BEHAVIOR here at the Pad…



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