#5MINUTEDRIVE filming today with THE BIG MAN… #Christmas #SantaClaus #StNick @TheMalibuTimes #Malibu @Jalopnik @Autoblog


Yes, today’s a big day here in Malibu. I’m takin’ a spin in HERBIE below and who’s my guest? Non other than the BIG MAN himself, SANTA CLAUS! Now, I know what you’re thinking… How did Fireball pull this one off when Santa is so busy gettin’ ready for the Holidays? Well, I have Herbie to thank for that, actually. They’re buddies and he asked on my behalf.

So, at 10am, I’m meeting up with Santa and we’re driving through Malibu handing Hot Wheels out to kids around town. If you spot us, give a wave and we’ll pop ya with a cool car!!

You’ll be able to watch the episode in a couple weeks, but for now, enjoy THIS WEEK’S 5MD with a Cool ’57 Chevy and London Cab!


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