CHRISTMAS gets funky @ The Fireball Pad… #Holiday #Christmas #TisTheSeason #GetWierd #Gifts


I’m very fortunate to live in a Cozy Malibu Surf Pad where the fam can come, take off their shoes (They aren’t allowed in the house), climb onto the sandrug and open giftees. We had about 10 peeps over and opened all kinds of cool stuff including the above EMERGENCY CHOCOLATE. Thank God I got one of these ’cause I heard a Tsunami might be heading our way. Or… was it a North Korean Tornado? Whatever…

What’s goin’ on with everyone? Fireball Pop is editing his latest film and prepping his next, Fireball Bride Kathie wrapped Ellen’s Show and is prepping for the Superbowl plus a few new secret Mascots, Sister-In-Law Dee is writing & producing for the new upcoming show ZOO expected to premiere on CBS in summer 2015.

Brother Ethan is writing a film and grooming Alexa for stardom, Son Sean is working at Calamingos Ranch, Girlfriend Isla working as a Holistic Aid, Buddy Bob just came off BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW & an unnamed secret project, Cousin Brandon is designing and writing a new Graphic Novel and Sis Jordana is in development for her new business, the ST. GEORGE Organizational Group. And me? I’m do dumb things with cars… but,…

Come January, it’s another book. This time… MOVIE CARS! Been getting a lot of requests for this one and it took this last year to assemble a variety for Volume 1. It’ll be in the Bookstore & Amazon by the first week. Plenty of cars, shows & more also. In fact, filming with DENISE CROSBY on Tuesday in a Goodyear Blimp 5MD episode!

Been a great 2014 and very grateful to all of you for sharing it with me. My sincerest hopes are that we continue together to LIVE WELL into 2015, healthfully, positive, joyous and always smiling. The point of life is to EXPAND your HAPPINESS, and I’m here to help you do that.

Love to you all!



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