I don’t know how many of you will take the time to read this, but if you do… then you’ll get a gift for this New Year that I hope will instill joy, peace and purpose.

I’ve been blessed this past year to do a great many things. But one is to bring you stuff from this blog to put a smile on your face. To help you to know that you are not traveling through this life alone. I am here with you. We are ALL here.

The most difficult thing in life is to realize truly, that we aren’t alone and that there are others out there to be here for you in many ways. This New Year will be unlike any that has ever come before. And if you’ll seriously intend to MOVE towards your ideal life, then I’m here to help. Please know that YOU CAN, no matter what your situation. YOU CAN have a greater life this year. YOU CAN have better relationships, better friends, more joy, more money, more of EVERYTHING.

All you have to do is be clear on what you want and mentally put it out there. Like ordering something from Amazon, expect it to show up and it will. I promise. It’s how things work. Just don’t EVER doubt it, change your visions or be a jerk. GIVE.

If you’ve read this, it’s now your job to GIVE this to others. Instill more than hope in them. Instill CERTAINTY.  Together, through this life, we’ll create awesomeness. Watch the video below and KNOW, we are tiny and must stick together. One family, many siblings. All here for each other.

Love, Peace and Coolness.

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