Today’s MAD MOVIE CARS… Fast & Furious!


I did not design all these cars, but simply a collection of ones that have passed through the shop at CVS over the years. Some great builders and great films. FURIOUS 7 opens on my Birthday, so you’ll know where I’ll be… 😉

Evo1 F&FTruck Fast and Furious


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BookCoverDesignSeries640 FBomb FF5 ChallengerFast&Furious2 FF5 Corvette FF5 GurkhaFast&Furious1 Mitsubishi MonteCarlo5 Charger1 Charger4 Charger5 Charger6 Charger7 Charger8 Charger9 Charger10 Charger14 Charger15 Charger17 Charger18 Charger20 Charger23 Charger24 Charger25 Charger26

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