Fireball drives the 2016 KIA SORENTO…


KIA sent me this new 2016 SORENTO last week and it’s a solid bruiser. It took every part of me to not strip it down and give it a Boba Fett paint job. Can you visualize that? Maybe, but what impressed me the most about this car was that it’s a bit of a sleeper. Starting at only $24K, you can bump up to 290hp and that’s rockin’ for a midsize SUV which enters you into the town of HAULASSVILLE. Yea, you know the place I’m talkin’ about.

But let’s talk design… There isn’t a wow factor, but the hidden treasures are the hood sculpt and over bull dog proportions. The interior, as always is KIA quality yet still needs a bit more identity.

It’s nimble and quick and the stance gives it a bit of an attitude… I like that, and so does Pierce Brosnan below. The lower quad lamps are pretty intense too… especially if they were flashing red. But then… instead of going to Haulassville, you’d be going to Don’tPickUpTheSoap Junction.

On the Fireball Scale of 1-10? Solid 9. Would have been more fun in a red one…

KiaSorento_FireballTimScreen Shot 2015-01-29 at 6.22.17 AM copy KiaSorento_FireballTim KiaSorento_FireballTim KiaSorento_FireballTim

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