Fireball drives the 2015 MINI Cooper S…


Strictly design here, so if you want horsepower, go read 10 million other blogs.

A few weeks back I had the MINI Cooper S for a week. I expected it to be a lot different than the ’02 I used to have, but it’s actually very similar yet extremely refined. The design is, although bigger, muscular and with a great fit and finish. I mean awesome.

The potential for this car is huge with very little money, starting with springs, CAI, exhaust and a few other bolt-ons. You can have a lot of fun, plus it’s nimble moves make you eager to push the envelope. Surprised a few Vdubs I was following on Mulholland here in Malibu. They tried to lose me, but that wasn’t happening.

The interior is much bigger and my wife doesn’t have to take her shoes off to get in the back. (Go figure). But it’s one CON is the START-STOP function. The engine start is loud and every time you hit a light, it does it. Clunky. I’ve driven many cars with this feature and BMWs and MINIs need to refine this more.

But all in all, it’s a whiptastic car with tremendous potential. Great design, classic yet futuristic.

Go get one NOW. I’ll wait.

DSC00021 DSC00025 DSC00031

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