If Hyundai was Karate, it would be the 2015 HYUNDAI GENESIS COUPE 3.8

Ok, so there are only three official Pony Cars in the world, right? Chrysler, Chevy and Ford. But since cars are made everywhere now, what really makes something American, Italian or in this case, Korean? Aren’t we all Earthlings? No? Well, let’s take a closer look at this week’s RIDE OF THE WEEK…

On the street today we have this blue bomber, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8. It’s about $34K, 19mpg and did I say… a screaming Mimi Blue? And, it’s from that little country next to those guys who want to blow up the world, so there’s that. Oh, and it has 348hp. Wait… did I read that right? 348hp!!! (Actually, I just wrote that, so of course I read it, duh.) But my point is… this thing hauls ass. (Am I allowed to mention animals?) Whatever.. here’s my other point… READ ON…

Chrysler, Chevy and Ford all have entry level versions. All are big and blocky. All are musclebound. But honestly, this Hyundai is the first Korean car that actually has a shot at becoming a Pony Car contender. It may not look big and blocky, but neither did Bruce Lee. (He was Chinese… ignore that) But Bruce was fast, lethal and beautiful to watch. Having a Martial Arts background myself, I can tell you that this Genesis Coupe in the right hands, has the potential to be nasty.

All it needs is some refinement in design for the next gen. Some sharper lines, bulky shapes and a wee more Horsepower. The growl that this thing lays down is like a really pissed off greyhound. And although the BIG 3 could be categorized as Pit Bull, Rotweiller and Doberman, the Greyhound is all speed and strict purpose. I like that.

Now, it’s not a Muscle Car, but it’s close. And its flaws are few, the biggest being the “light” door handles, but the ergonomics inside are flawless, tight and extremely well designed and driving PCH through traffic is light butter on a skillet.

It gets a lot of looks up in the Bu, too. But people really don’t know what it is which can be an issue. It may need more identity to separate it from the other cars of it’s kind, but that’s an evolution. You can bet your bottom dollar that Hyundai is working on a badasser version at this very moment.

While the rest of the country is buried in snow and we are mourning the death of La Salsa, let one shining light come through in this azure blue sexy sculpture. Let us bow our heads in gratitude as we ponder curvy roads and Malibu Coolness. Not everyone gets the chance to drive awesome cars and I take it seriously. Let the word out across the globe that Korea means business and they want a muscle machine for us to play with. (Maybe they should give one to North Korea so they’ll stop being PooPoo heads?

Congrats to Hyundai for being this week’s RIDE OF THE WEEK and making our wee town a tiny bit cooler by building this flip kickin’ jump spinning back chop. (Did I hear a bell? Sounds like it’s dinner time. AND I’M OFF!!)

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