CONFIRMED!!! 5Minute Drive to film @ Mazda USA Design Center in Irvine…


Pretty cool news this week, but I’ll be heading down to Irvine on April 23rd to shoot inside the Top Secret MAZDA USA DESIGN CENTER with Chief Designer and friend Derek Jenkins. You may know Derek and the Buggy that he drives around in Malibu, but in a few weeks, we’ll be touring and checking out what Mazda has on the books for the future.

I won’t be able to show you everything in the episode as it’s EYES ONLY, but you will get to see some coolness. Plus, we’ll be driving a bit. But what’s coming up??

NEXT EPISODE! The Bride of Fireball wanted to go Whale Watching… so we did. Episode 43 coming right after Part 2 of the Goodyear Blimp Ride!!

Stay tuned here for more!


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