BIG THANKS to Keanu Reeves and all who attended today’s #MALIBU #CARS & #COFFEE!!

Had a great time today at MALIBU CARS & COFFEE and wanted to thank everyone who came out. I hope you enjoyed yourselves! BIG THANKS to Arch Motorcycles (Keith & Todd) for displaying 4 of their incredible machines… and for Keanu’s amazing patience, passion and and sheer excitement for his bikes. They are truly works of art.

Plus, check out this wild and WIKD Porsche below brought in by good friend Ken Vela. (His eyes are closed because he was up all night getting it done just for the show. ZZzzz… Good on ya… RIDE OF THE WEEK coming soon of this puppy!

What am driving this week? Stay tuned, baby… MCC_FireballTim.comDSC01645

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