CHRYSLER Design Event reveals the new and improved badass 300…

Spent a few hours with the Chrysler Team the other day in Culver City to see what they’re up to with refreshed 300. If you’re familiar with the 2014 model which I had on the show some time back with Actress Denise Crosby, you’ll see that this new 2015 model is sporting some great design improvements. Primarily front, rear and interior, I especially liked this de-chromed Redline Red version. The dark wheels look great as well. But the black trim tied everything together nicely.

I’ve always been a Chrysler fan, especially the Imperials and 70’s Station Wagons that I grew up with. I was probably the only kid in school that didn’t mind getting picked up in one. Probably because I dreamt of doing something like the below rendering. Uh, hem.

The above shot is with President of Chrysler Al Gardner. His passion for the car was extremely apparent as well as Chief Designer Brandon Faurote’s who took us through different treatment upgrades. Both gents love this car and had no problem conveying it. But the biggest thing about Chrysler as a brand is that no matter how many of these things that I get invited to, these boys are always fun to be around. They know they’re history and even appointed Brandon as Chief Designer when he was only 38. And as you look at some of the details on the car, you’ll see why. He knows what he’s doing. (Check out the subtle red hood sculpture)

Big thanks to Chrysler for having me out for the day. Although I didn’t do the drive… this REDLINE may be arriving at The Pad soon. 😉 And then… Redline it is. Chrysler300Reveal_FireballTim.comSupertanker001

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