April 3rd is OFFICIAL DAY OF AWESOME!!!!!!


Ok, so today I officially dub thee DAY OF AWESOME. And for my Birthday, I want you all to take the day off (or at least a half day), go get ICE CREAM with your kids, girlfriends, boyfriends, parents or anyone you can grab off the street! Seriously, even if their a little scary looking, Ice Cram will rough out those edges..

And I want to THANK EVERYONE for spending 2015 with me so far as we make the planet cooler just by being kind, loving and sharing the COOLEST FRIKKIN’ SHOWS, CAR & BIKE content online anywhere! I mean… we’re the shit and we know it. đŸ˜‰ But here’s to YOU on MY Birthday. If you absolutely can’t get Ice Cream, then go up and kiss some random cute person!! Then run… ’cause you’ll probably get slapped. But it will be an awesome story and today is…


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