(No that’s not Earth above, but Rick Springfield’s Cool Corvette!) Last night, I got the chance to catch an exclusive screening of the upcoming IMAX Film “A BEAUTIFUL PLANET.” And amazing journey up into the International Space Station. Well conceived, gorgeous and truly engaging. I recommend it to EVERYONE.

Watch our experience on the Vlog, but here’s the rundown…

“A Beautiful Planet” reunites much of the same filmmaking team of “Hubble 3D” and “Space Station 3D,” led by producer and director Toni Myers, who also wrote and edited the film. Director of photography James Neihouse, ASC, served as the astronaut training manager. Graeme Ferguson, IMAX co-founder and pioneer producer of many IMAX space films, is the executive producer, and Judy Carroll, is the film’s co-producer. Marsha Ivins also served as space operations consultant on the film. The music is composed by Micky Erbe and Maribeth Solomon. Sound design is by Peter Thillaye.
Exclusive IMAX and IMAX 3D engagements of “A Beautiful Planet” begin April 29.

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