RIDE OF THE WEEK! The Ultimate Ride is your Life…


Every now and then, a gap emerges here on ROTW where I don’t have a new ride to feature. Thus is the challenge in coming up with new rides to show you guys. Although I get to drive cool cars all the time on my show, not everyone is eager to feature them, as they may be a little shy.

Therefore, let’s address this issue and see some of the psychological ramifications of being car people. 

First, no matter what anyone says, you ARE your car. It was an emotional buy whether you like it or not. You bought purple because of the one time you went to France and was kissed by a mime. You got cloth seats because you became a vegan after that squirrel found its way into your bed. You bought a pickup because you remember the time that your buddy Johnny fell out the back and into the bushes, rolling down a hill and into a swampy pond. All emotional.

Second, your application of the car fits the bill. You’re a Realtor and you need to be seen as successful, or a sculptor and you want something big enough to carry that dollar-covered rhino. Or, your paddleboard wouldn’t fit on the original ’68 VW Bug, so you bought a same year bus. All emotional.

And finally, we see that it’s YOU and your PURPOSE. And that purpose is to bring more life. More of those things you love if you find the right car. The mix of fond memories and hopes of recruiting more. If you have that cool car, then life will be just a little better and despite the challenges, your ride will always deliver. And so it is.

But, let’s not forget the non-car people, too! Although they may or may not love cars like we do, the idea of functionality and purpose still applies. But in this case, picking the right car is applicable solely to peace of mind. A hassle-free life where being efficient each day and performing acts of accomplishment is enhanced by something that gets you to where you need to go and results in a day well served.

All in all, we as people use cars for far more than getting around. We use them to enhance our lives and bring joy. The singular purpose that it is to be alive and get the most out of life that we can. A clear road to having a purpose, and fulfilling it each day in a successful way. And as we do that, we become inspirations for others to see that if each act is successful, we don’t become it … we suddenly realize we ARE it. Too philosophical? Too metaphysical? How about this?

Just get a cool car and you’ll have a great life. Makes sense? Now send me your rides so we can feature their total and complete awesomeness! 

To suggest a car for Ride of the Week or contact the author, email askfireball@fireballtim.com.

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