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Fireball Tim’s CUSTOM BOOK SERIES invites EVERYONE to enjoy the creative process of COLORING with unique, funny and sometimes wacky envisioned images. These Hollywood inspired designs are vibrantly imaginative, beautifully drawn and educationally fun featuring CUSTOM CARS, BEACH LIFE and WACKY EDUCATION.

ALL NEW!! Fireball Tim PIRATES COLORING BOOK! $9.99 ORDER ON AMAZON! 8.5X11. 20 Pages of cool Piratey goodness inclusing SHipwrecks, Treasure, Scurvy Buggers and Battles!


Fireball Tim BEACHLIFE COLORING BOOK. $9.99 ORDER ON AMAZON! 8.5X11. 20 pages of awesome Custom Designed Ocean Images! Perfect for kids during traveling, at school or anywhere you want their imagination to roam!


Fireball Tim CUSTOM CAR COLORING BOOK. $9.99 ORDER ON AMAZON!  8.5X11. 20 pages of CUSTOM CARS to get your coloring and drawing  goin.’ Great for your KIDS or GRAND KIDS, parties, road trips and all TRAVEL!


Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of Wacky States. $12.99 ORDER ON AMAZON!  8.5X11. The best kid’s book about the USA ever created! This Picture Book of the 50 States will both educate and inspire creativity among all children & even their parents! They’ll learn the CAPITOLS, ANIMALS, FLAGS and WACKY FACTS. An incredible book for HOLIDAYS, BIRTHDAYS, SCHOOL, MUSEUMS and GIFT SHOPS!


Mad Movie Cars: Hollywood Designs by Fireball Tim. $18.99 ORDER ON AMAZON! Fireball’s most famous HOLLYWOOD CAR DESIGNS!


Mad Concept Cars: Concept Car Designs by Fireball Tim. $15.99 ORDER ON AMAZON! Fireball best Custom CONCEPT CAR DESIGNS!


MEGA-MINIS. Mini Cooper Concepts by Fireball Tim. $16.99 ORDER ON AMAZON! Fireball’s best CUSTOM MINI COOPER DESIGNS!


RANDOM FIREBALLS Volume 1. Cars and Beachlife Cartoons by Fireball Tim. $7.99 ORDER ON AMAZON! Hysterical Beach Comics!


Masters of Sci-Fi Volume 1. Short SciFi Stories by Anthony Lawrence and Ethan Lawrence. $9.99 ORDER ON AMAZON! 1-Page SciFi Shorts for Fireball Pop!

Smokey and Bandit: A CockerPoo Adventure by Kathie Lawrence. $14.99 ORDER ON AMAZON! Kathie’s unique story about two lost Pups finding their way home.

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