After 30 years of designing CARS for MOVIES and over 400 film credits, Fireball Tim is now creating the WORLD’S BEST COLORING BOOKS! Full Custom, Insane and stunning…Scroll to the bottom to see our FULL CUSTOM BOOKS!

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Our Books come in 4 CATEGORIES.

1- Sponsored Books

Get Your Logo on one of our New Books for LIFE. FOR FREE! Ask how…

2- Custom Book LEVEL 1

Using our exiting drawings, we’ll do a CUSTOM COVER just for you and your Business, Car Show, Museum or Club. $500. Ask how…

3- Custom Book LEVEL 2

Same as LEVEL 1, using our existing drawings… but you can add new drawings to any book to match your Business, Car Show, Dealership, Museum or Club! Add 1… or add 10!! $250/Per New Sketch

4- Custom Book LEVEL 3

We are the ONLY company in the world that does FULL CUSTOM BRANDED CLIENT COLORING BOOKS.

CUSTOM CLIENT BOOKS can be done for Museums, Car Shows, Clubs, Aquariums, Dive Shops, Dealerships, Custom Car Shops or EVENTS!  Imagine YOUR OWN CUSTOM COLORING BOOK! Easy, Fast and super cool!!

Fireball Publishing invites EVERYONE to enjoy the creative process of COLORING & LEARNING with unique, funny and wacky images! Great for Gift Shops in BEACH TOWNS, HOTELS, HOSPITALS, AQUARIUMS, DIVE SHOPS & CAR MUSEUMS! Ask how…

CUSTOM BOOK for The Channel Island Maritime Museum…

CUSTOM BOOK for the Volo Movie Car Museum in Chicago…

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