Today’s VLOGROCKET… Be QUIET and listen to the sound of silence



It’s always been assumed that the way to quiet down PCH here in Malibu is to have less cars, when, in reality, there can be so much traffic that cars are going 5 mph, and that can be quiet too. But it isn’t really.

The only way to quiet down PCH is to have more vehicles that make less noise and at the same time reduce the amount of cars. Now, there’s several ways to do that and that’s the focus of today’s VLOGROCKET. 

Let’s take the second part, first. There’s several ways to reduce the amount of cars, or there’s a simpler way by reducing the size of the actual vehicles. And since this ROCKET above is the Fiat 500e electric car, let’s imagine PCH full of tiny e-cars for a moment. What’s the benefit?

Let’s start with the fact that they’re quiet. How nice would it be to hear the ocean instead of rumbles? 

Okie dokie. And how about finding parking spaces? No problem. How about we get rid of our gas stations and turn them into something fun, like a restaurant that doesn’t serve $25 veggie burgers or even some cool clothing stores where the T-Shirts aren’t a silly $400? Just an idea. But there’s a lot of benefits to tiny cars and, whether you like it or not, car companies are going to continue to build them.

This Fiat, I was told, gets 95 miles on one charge. But when I plugged it in and went out the next morning, it was charged to 115 miles.

But we all know that this is just a stepping stone over the next 20 years where electric cars will fit the bill to go 500 miles easily. Or, even better, wirelessly charge while you drive and never have to plug in at all. I’m for that like chocolate ice cream with Nutella and chocolate chips on top. Snap!

Now, the second concern. The noise that cars make now come from the world of cool rumbles. I’m all for cars that sound good as they take off, but technology is expanding so fast that if I dig in my heels and stay that way, I’ll dinosaur myself right out of the game. Life is about growth and if you don’t learn to grow and accept change, then you’ll get a one way ticket to the Pine Box Motel. If you welcome change and learn not to fear it, then the rewards are far beyond anything you can imagine. 

We have to seek, like the car companies, to improve every day. So, if you’re a Harley rider and you insist on being loud, then you’re doing yourself a disservice by not welcoming change. That doesn’t mean you get rid of your bike and get an electric tricycle. It means that you simply learn to appreciate the world from a higher perspective. 

Sure, it’s fun to say that you have gasoline for blood and oil in your veins because you’re a car guy or girl. I’m that. But, in truth, the only thing that really matters is what’s behind that. It’s what’s behind everything, and that’s love. If your son or daughter bought an electric motorcycle, you’d be just as proud. If you weren’t, then you have parenting issues and that’s a whole other story. As a parent, you should be proud of your kids no matter what. Finding love in this world is the key to everything and since it starts within, it’s already there.

Here’s the point. See PCH as being a trip of extreme beauty instead of an asphalt highway. See the trees and vistas instead of the traffic and noise. See the people enjoying their vacation and realize that you get to actually live here. Raise your perspective and see the world differently. See it better and be grateful for it. Stop complaining.

That’s what it’s like to drive an electric car and that’s why this little Fiat is a VLOGROCKET. Now, go get that ice cream.

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