Today’s VLOGROCKET… The Redster and why we build Custom Rides

Why do people love their rides? I mean, I’m not just talking about driving a nice car and taking it for a run to get some almond milk. I’m talking about those that take what was once a regular car and turn it into a piece of art. Yeah, those guys.

Whether it’s a car, truck, bike, scooter or anything with wheels, the car enthusiast is the largest enthusiast base in the world. It even exceeds the sports fan. You can take a 10-year-old who loves Hot Wheels and put him in a room with a 40-year-old and an 80-year-old who love cars and they’ll talk all day. But, again, those that love cars and those that love to do things to cars are different.

This week’s VLOGROCKET is called the Redster. It’s a 1951 Chevy 3100 that I designed and had built by a shop out in the valley for AutoTrader Classics. It now sits in their lobby in Atlanta after being shown across the country in a variety of shows including SEMA in Vegas. It really exemplifies the ultimate build because just about everything we tweaked, torted and kaboodled on it. More kabooodling than torting, but you get me. Example? It had an oil filter from Lifetime Oil Filter. A filter you never have to change, ever. It had a Hydrogen System making it a Zero Emissions vehicle by removing the impurities from the gasoline and nitrous. The rear deck hydraulically lifted to reveal five television screens hooked to the Internet. And the list goes on.

But what is it about cars like this that make people want to create them? For me, it’s an inductive process to creativity. It’s what we humans are meant to be doing; being creative. Not like how in school you were deemed a “creative individual” by your teacher because you were drawing on your desk and then got in trouble for it. It’s creative as in that the mind is the universe’s creativity tool. As the pen in your hand lays down the art, the mind is the tool by which the universe works through. And it’s limitless. But we must be using it all the time to actually have access to it. But how to we stay in touch with it?

We’re being creative simply when we are creating something — as in giving love to something. Whether it’s a cooking good meal, building a house, writing a business plan or a screenplay or designing a car. It’s what keeps us in the moment. And that’s the only place that love can exist. Not tomorrow and not yesterday, but now. 

This Ride of the Week was a joint venture by many as a creative stroke. Yes, it cost a lot, but the fun we all had in creating it was what everyone remembers; the love we put into it. People look at these cars and say either “wow” or “yuck,” but, regardless, we can all agree that the process must have been one of joy. They can also agree that we are all striving to do the same. Be a creative being. The more we do that and infuse love into what we do, the more we feel a part of the whole. The more we share and the more we give. 

The Redster may not be to your liking, but as this week’s Ride of the Week, let it stand as a symbol for your creative process. Let it inspire you to get your butt moving. Get that script, plan, home, bike or project done. Get it done so you can inspire others to be successful. Why? Because it’s who we are.

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