Today’s VLOGROCKET… The Malibu Woodie Parade!!

There are many things that make Malibu unique —the grand views, amazingly talented people and its small town feel. Those are among the larger scopes for sure, but hidden in the details of Malibu are the individual goings on that truly set this town apart from many. One of those incredible events was the 13th Annual Malibu Woodie Parade.

Now, I have attended this event for several years and each one gets better for a number of reasons, but even within the overall event lies a seed of uniqueness that is only Malibu. Being more of a cruise than an actual parade just yet, it grows each year in joy, awareness and sheer coolness. 

Founder and Chief Woodie Grand Poobah John Zambetti wrangled more than 30 woodies from all over Los Angeles to gather at the Paradise Cove parking lot at 2 p.m. to form one of the longest woodie lines this side of anywhere. 

My plan was to snag a woodie from the Automobile Driving Museum to join in, but, alas, the car wasn’t ready so I launched in the new 2017 Nissan 370Z as a woodie chase car, filming and watching these amazing rides head down PCH. 

I’d set up, shoot them coming by, jump in the Z and race past them, and do it again at least four times to get the shots I needed for the Vlog. Down PCH, into Ralphs, across Webb Way and then into Serra Retreat where they were escorted by a horse and buggy. I waited on the bridge as they rolled by in their glistening Christmas outfits, each one colorful and many downed with wreaths, ornaments and stockings. I could hear the Christmas tunes in the distance as each one appeared onto and off of the bridge.

Then, the final destination was into the back of Malibu Village to the nostalgic classic music of the Hodads, whipping Christmas beach tunes and enhancing the infectious smiles that permeated the creek. All the woodies sat side by side, shimmering next to their owners, who shared photos, ate and gave cheer. A success for sure, but something even more. 

I like to call cars “tools for peace.” They’re shining metal boxes that we use to share what we love, carry who we love and drive where we love. And the shapes and sizes attract similar minds both young and old, and even that of the pooch kind. Events like this and instigators like Mr. Zambetti ensure that love and joy are shared in a positive atmosphere. A solid bright contrast to the sometimes-dark PCH attitude. I mean, these cars actually drove the speed limit all the way from Paradise Cove. Blew my mind!

I’m always grateful that Mr. “Z” calls me in to share the experience, because each smiling face is a reminder of what the world can be with the help of shared kindness and a love for something special — a true Christmas gift. For those of you who missed it, be on the lookout next year and let’s make this Malibu tradition an institution. 

Wave as they pass and let’s spread the magic that is our little town.

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