A Malibu Horror Queen Christine sits waiting… Today’s VLOGROCKET

In every town in LA, cars sit on the side of the road wanting new homes. You see them everywhere you go. For sale, for trade, for … free. But, in our little town of Malibu, Hollywood’s diamond in the rough, we get a different kind of experience. 

The other day, as I was scootin’ PCH and the corner of my eyeball snagged a blip of red wrapping a metal body. Something I hadn’t seen in years. It was a 1957 Plymouth Fury that although could be a plenty in SoCal’s custom car culture, this one version in particular was a cut above the rest. She was a duplicate of the car used in the film “Christine.” And although she would be instantly recognizable in an Auto Museum or at one of my car shows, Christine lay dormant, wanting and waiting for a new owner.

Now, this is not a pitch to have someone go buy this car, as it’s not mine. But in case you would like to have it, it’s at the Malibu Auto Spa (unofficial plug). But the interesting thing about this car is that it literally felt like Marilyn Monroe sitting at a bus stop. You instantly recognize her, but can’t quite believe she would be sitting alone without a crowd around her. But there she was, Christine. All alone, blanketed by orange cones like she was waiting for John Carpenter to yell out her name for the next scene.

And that got me thinking. Car culture is as old as the car itself. And each year, a flourish of cars are created as hot rods, classics, customs and tuners of every shape and size. The kinds of cars that rarely are used for anything other than car shows. Take the SEMA Show for example. Every year these cars get built and most of them would never be daily drivers. Thousands of cars each year for the last 30-40 years (30 at least, as that’s how many I’ve attended). And literally, most of them are never seen again unless they end up in a museum. They disappear into garages, store houses, warehouses and cargo containers leaving for other countries. Literally what would amount to millions of custom rides all over the planet.

Almost an unimaginable concept that affirms that historical car culture is alive and well and will be for years. So, for those of you afraid that autonomous cars will be taking over and no one will want to drive anymore, I say Bah Humbug!

Christine may be sitting idle, wanting and waiting. But her new home, wherever it may be, will be a place where love abounds. So as you pass her on PCH next week, give a wink and a smile and know that even though she’s a true Horror Queen, and may be a little distorted, she’s most likely just misunderstood and needs some love. But if you do decide to buy her, be cautious. She’s a little creepy in the trust department. Not for the owner with a wandering eye if you know what I mean. So be warned!

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