This is a New Year with a new WHEELS AND WAVES

It’s been a long time coming to get to this new WHEELS AND WAVES. A truly great car show here in town was the original goal of mine to give the community a fun Sunday morning event where we could swap stories, share our rides and create new friendships. 

It’s a tough thing in Hollywood to meet others and create possibility, but nothing breaks the ice better than Cars & Coffee in a beautiful spot.

So it’s with excitement, gratitude and a spirit for an amazing New Year that I announce that Wheels and Waves will be launching on Jan. 15 at 7 a.m. It’s an evolution of Cars & Coffee with amazing support from the local communities including not only Malibu Country Mart as an incredible location, but also Malibu Village, Malibu Kitchen, The Automobile Driving Museum, WIKD Kustoms, The Daily Driver Project and The English Car Company, plus many more.

I was very eager early on a few years ago in being involved in the beginnings of Malibu Cars & Coffee, then Gladstones. Great events, but something more was needed — a location that truly meant Malibu. So when I contacted the folks of the Malibu Country Mart, they shared my excitement and jumped on board. We know this will be a tremendous event and will reoccur every third Sunday of the month. Hot rods, customs, classics, exotics, supercars, trucks, rat rods and everything in between are welcome. But you don’t need a cool car to come. Just bring yourself and your children and enjoy the sights, grab a cup of joe and make friends.

Malibu is known for a lot of things, but success by means of love is what we do best. Whether you love the beaches, mountainsides, animals, people, community spirit or cars, Malibu is filled with the stuff of greatness. Thought leaders who are grateful to be here and experience beauty that transcends words. And PCH as our main artery means that we all need cars. Some may be beaters, some may be Rolls, but we all need to drive, park and interact with respect and a sense of exploration, as there’s always new nooks and crannies to discover here in town.

I hope this show will be the heart of Malibu’s love for cars. A place where we all share amazing stories that we’ve had in building our lives in beauty. Join us, if just for two hours once a month. Make it a habit to give a moment of yourself and inspire others to live the dream. Because that, my friends, is exactly what we’re doing.

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