Welcome 2017 with faith, love and coolness…

2017 will be the ultimate ride.

Automotive beach life. It’s a term I’ve come to embrace as we’ve entered into the 21st Century and 2017 and it’s made me realize a paradigm shift happening among people as they discover their new selves. And although I’m a car guy and that’s where my love is, the new perspective for success is duality … or triality as I like to call it. 

My dad’s been a writer in Hollywood for almost 70 years. And one of the key components of character building is this duality. Someone who identifies themselves in a particular way but adds more. And that more is crucial to a successful character. So what does this mean? What am I getting at here?

The new evolution in defining yourself for success was literally born from video content. People striving to be unique on YouTube by doing what they love (in my case, cars), but adding in something else that takes what was once normal and competitive and making it a fish out of water. 

So, as a result … I’m a car guy who loves the beach life. 

Other people have become chefs, who are thrill seekers. Builders that love children. Writers who love to travel. Designers who want to surf. 

The shift is happening in endless possibilities as people merge aspects of what they love to create a new self. They are designing from infinite possibilities and putting two things together to create a completely unique vision.

There are millions of car guys, but very few live at the beach. But in putting those two “loves” together, I’ve managed to create a lifestyle that is fun. A Dr. Seuss sort of fun. So fun in fact that I sometimes can’t believe I get to do this every day. 

Now, many people still have normal jobs. Wake up, go at it for 10 hours and dream of the weekend. But those of us who have taken what we love and strived to create something unique have opened a world that many believed impossible. The question is, what do YOU love? Are you a writer, but also a numismatist? Are you into construction and love to travel? The possibilities are endless.

So, for 2017, I want to encourage you to evolve. Take what you know you love, and merge it with other things you love until you get a recipe for success. You’ll know you’ve gotten it right when you say, “I’m not really sure I could do this. But if I did, boy what a life I’d have!”

The final step in locking in that success is that you’ll need to find a way to give what you’ve discovered to the world. It might be in beautiful photos, new buildings, amazing stores or adventurous movies. The point is that we’re all striving to find our calling. And it’s a lot easier than you think. But it means to believe in yourself and follow what you love, spending time each day building momentum that can and will affect the world in some positive way. You will find it. But, if you already have, then you’ll need to grow, expand and advance the race so that we are all on this path. Blazing a trail, fueled by love and passion for life.

2017 is an awesome number. It looks good, has good weight and feels right. So welcome to your new life. 365 chances to get it right. But the clincher is that you only need one day, so fail big and take 364 chances. You’ll be glad you did. Then maybe you’ll be the next reality show or even become president. Or even both …

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