The Road to Success is an Adventure…

There was a time in my life when I read lots of biographies. 

I figured that I might be able to absorb some success tips from people who had made it big in certain fields such as cars, film and health. And as good as some of the books were, they all gave the sense that these people were essentially overnight successes who just did a bunch of different things until something popped. 

But the truth is not something you can put in a biography. The truth is actually far simpler and something I apply every day to what I now do. Success comes from knowing what you want and taking small steps every day to get there. Failure comes from not having a direction or constantly changing direction. It’s a simple formula that even a child can understand.

As a child, I always made films. Stop-motion animated movies, karate movies, action movies — all with my dad’s Super8 camera. Most of them came out pretty bad, but I learned something from them each time. Now, with having made close to a thousand short films at this point, I’ve learned so much that the secret of success has been proven to me. And although success in society is largely based on how much money you have, I beg to differ when I talk with those in hospital beds who wished they’d eaten better, but have millions in the bank. They’re sick and looking death right in the face.

So, success is distributed along the lines of your uppermost thoughts. Think health all the time and you get healthy. Think wealth all the time and you get wealth. Think stress all the time and, boom, stress comes. But the model can also be proven this way.

When I tackle a car project, the only way to get it done is to take on one thing at a time. I have to complete that step in the best possible way and I’ll succeed. Same goes with my Vlog Show. I’m on episode 528 as I write this and that’s 528 consecutive days filming. Each one was completed one step after the next and each one is a success, if completed and aired. 

Lots of moving parts, lots of things to do, but essentially just one step after the other as if you were walking from LA to New York. You can’t worry about Kansas when you’re walking through Nevada. 

This year can and will be a success for me automotively as long as I stay focused on what I want and do things one step at a time, believe and have faith that I’ll succeed. It’s how cars are built and how shows are done. But it’s also how your kids grown and how you’ll make this year the best one yet! But you have to realize the truth. You’re not alone, because the universe has got your back. Call it whatever you want. God, spirit, the big guy. Just do your thing and be the change you want to see in the world. Someone important said that and I believe it. 

This is Ride of the Week. And this is how I roll.

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