Ride of the Week is Actress TANNA FREDERICK & her black 1983 ALFA ROMEO!

Ride of the Week is Actress TANNA FREDERICK & her black 1983 ALFA ROMEO!

When Tanna Frederick’s PR agent sought me out, I had expectations of the way actresses can be sometimes. 

That said, something about a lady who loves an ‘83 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce was intriguing — because cars make people cool. 

So we set up a photo shoot and a meet-up at Malibu Bluffs Park here in the ‘Bu, and that’s how we started this week’s Ride of the Week.

At first sight, Tanna’s flaming red hair was a mess from driving her teeny convertible Alfa like one of those cute guinea pigs, but within minutes of launching out of her car, the actress/surfer/activist whipped that ‘do together like a firefighter taming a crazy blaze. And after introducing ourselves, I knew this was gonna be a hoot. Any girl that can whip hair like that together in seconds while making jokes and laughing from ear to ear had to be good. And it was.

We took off up north in that li’l Alfa to find a spot to shoot, but I decided to take her to Latigo Beach for a short, but awesome beach, giftee first. Again, the sun on those red locks beamed so hard that even with my cool shades, I was squinting.

There, she filled me in about the car.

“I bought this car on Craigslist about five years ago and thought, ‘every girl needs a convertible,’” she said 

She was right. Messy hair is the sign of someone who’s in love with life. 

“It’s a small car but fits me perfectly,” she said. “I love the style and feel of it.”

We then arrived at a cool spot along Pacific Coast Highway and I started shooting. The ocean, a red hottie and a convertible. How could anything go wrong? 

Well, before I even started, those red waves caused me to try shooting with the lense cap on, like a pro. But her smile let me off the hook and we started rockin.’ One snap after the next, this ROTW was coming together.

Tanna continued: “I use the Alfa to get away from my busy schedule. It’s a great release to have the wind blowing across my face and through my hair.” 

Usually wind is bad for flames, but in this case, it’s awesome on an epic scale. 

“It’s been my sidekick through some tough times but nothing helps me clear my head more than getting in and not knowing a destination,” she said.

But what does she love most about driving PCH in Malibu?

“Driving right next to the ocean in Malibu is one of the most peaceful drives in the whole continental United States,” she said, and I tend to agree and it was a treat for those that drove by while we shot. The woots and honks were a fun distraction as I made sure the camera was actually turned on.

Life is meant to be fun no matter what you do. And meeting people who love what they do and do it well is inspiring. Tanna is a perfect example of this and has had tremendous success because of it. Anyone who snags her for an upcoming film will see that she brings excitement and passion to their set. She did to mine and driving with her was a blast.

Watch episode 85 of my show and you’ll see our shenanigans up close. Can life be any better when you merge the beauty of a classic car, the ocean and Tanna’s energy in one shot? Not possible. I’m grateful to her PR gal, Lori, for hooking me up. And this is why I do Ride of the Week, and why I love my life.

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