Fireball and Ken head to Huntington Beach for DONUT DERELICTS. An amazing car show since the 80’s. Then, slip by Rosetta Coffee Brewing Company. Finally Fireball morphs in a Kangaroo. WAAA?

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About DD from WIKI… Donut Derelicts is an informal weekly car show held in Huntington Beach, California, United States since approximately 1986.[1] The event takes place in the parking lot on the north-east corner of the intersection of Magnolia Street and Adams Avenue on Saturday mornings between approximately 6:30 am and 8:30 am.[2] The show is completely informal; it has no rules, no fee, no prizes, no formal competition, and no flyers. Nonetheless, several hundred cars show up each Saturday morning.

The gathering started with just a few friends showing up at a donut store every Saturday, and grew from there. One of the original participants, automotive artist Rick Finn,[3] made a T-shirt design in 1989 that has become the logo of the event, and is sold (in many variations now) at the donut store which the event originally centered on.[1]

The event has spawned a number of imitators in different cities.

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