Different times of the year are associated with different colors. Autumn is obviously oranges and browns, winter whites and summer yellows. But spring? An early spring has sprung here in Malibu and the color has bounced from what would be a normal green to a vibrant, saturating green that has peppered the hills in blankets of soft velvety grass. 

And with the amazing hills as they are right now (and in between the rains), the time to get out and drive is now. But slowly, people. Slowly. Why? Well, not because I’m trying to get you to be a better driver, but because there’s so much to see out there that you might miss it all if you don’t pay attention! Just about every day as I go out into the hills, I see families of deer snacking on the grassy goodness and the streams bubbling down through areas that are normally dry, like Las Flores Canyon.

It’s the time to get in the car and get out there for lunch, a hike, coffee in a meadow or meditating among the Sycamores. And, of course, Ride of the Week is always about the driving experience. But not necessarily just behind the wheel, as cars are a source of transportation as well as a seriously cool item. If you point them in the right direction of joy, they’ll take you places you’ve never been and fill your life with soul-enhancing breezes and clear blue skies. Something we all need as we meander through our workdays. 

It’s very easy to get lost in our work race and forget to take care of what’s important: our souls. We can get lost in the shuffle of bills, a 9-5 scuttlebutt or kid’s chores. But if we take a moment for ourselves and head in a direction where we spot beauty, stop for a minute and breath in deep, then the re-charge of life will fuel us to move forward and complete the day like a boss.

And that is how we Malibuites roll — driven by ambition, but not forgetting to connect with the universe and take in the moment. That’s the secret we all now know and it’s our own faults if things are not working out. It’s up to us to think straight and have faith in an answer. Thus, a moment in a place of beauty is a crucial experience.

So get in your chosen ride and drive where the view is best. Take your sandwich, your burrito or your coffee and find a place to sit. Force yourself to take in the moment and let go of all the tension that is trying to attach itself to you. Shake it off like a dog that just bounced out of the waves, smile and say “Life’s good here in the Bu. And I’m grateful for it.”

Then watch, listen and observe as the tension wafts away, revealing a peaceful, indescribable splendor. And then, and only then, will it be time to go get ice cream.

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