Fireball and Kathie hike Malibu’s Charmlee Wilderness Park, then do some Malibu goodness. Also featured is Brian Nash’s kid’s books NICKY IS STANCED OUT. Get it on AMAZON…

From HIKESPEAK… Charmlee Wilderness Park is perched on a bluff overlooking Malibu’s alluring coast. Operated by the city of Malibu, this 590-acre regional park has eight miles of interwoven trails, making it easy to build your own hike between two to four miles, easy to moderate. In spring, Charmlee puts on a champion’s display of wildflowers. The ocean views are a knockout!

The two points in the park that you should be sure to hit are the Ranch House Ruins and Ocean Overlook. One possible hike through Charmlee Wilderness that sees both these highlights is a 3.25-mile loop that also explores the trails on the edges of the park. From the parking area for Charmlee Wilderness Park, where a $4 day use fee is charged, you’ll start by walking through a native plants garden. Study the plants and placards and see how many living exhibits you can spot along the trail (probably a lot). Pick up a park map from the trail kiosk and hike down Carmichael Road (also known as Old Ranch Road), a dirt trail continuing from the end of the paved road into the park. You will hike beneath a canopy of oaks, immediately passing through Oak Grove Picnic Area, a car-convenient spot to roll out a picnic.

Hike through a four-way junction with Russell Trail (right) and Carmichael Knob Trail (left), before arriving at a second four-way junction, a third of a mile from the start. According to the trail sign, Potrero Road is to the right and Carmichael Road heads to the left. This is a good place to start looping through the park, but first head straight to the ruins of an old ranch house. The ruins are not large or that impressive, but the spot offers a great overview of the park. Pass through a few short walls remaining amongst a jumble of boulders to the end of the knoll for a good view south across a meadow toward the coast and east into Clyde Canyon.

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