What’s it like to drive a CLASSIC FORD BRONCO?

Man, they just keep on rolling. 

When I originally decided to do this article, I never imagined that I’d be doing it almost four years later at 52 cars a year. That’s over 200 vehicles I’ve done since then, and the Car Peeps just keep coming. It’s awesome. 

And today, it’s Case No. ER249j7. OK that’s not a real case but this guy is an attorney and I want to sound official.

Which brings us to David Olan, a Malibu attorney, surfer and official 1968 Ford Bronco buster. I saw Olan at Malibu Living for an event and he reminded me of his cool Bronco on Latigo. So we set a time and I sauntered over in my Viper. A 650-horsepower Monster to see another Monster.  

But once I got there, I was greeted by another long-time Malibute: Alan Armstrong, who will be another ride of the week.

But Olan’s dark blue Bronco was sitting quietly, waiting to be launched and he began to give me some stats as we drove the car up the bluff for the shoot. 

“It’s got a 351 Winsor V8, power steering and brakes, aftermarket automatic transmission, New Bucket seats, stereo, roll cage, bumpers, running boards (or whatever you called them).” 

For Olan, all he cares about is getting this car to and from the beach. Not a tough job since he lives at Latigo Point. But there are other beaches too, of course. 

He’s had this vehicle since about September 2015 and actually got it from Armstrong, who actually lives across the street from Olan. Sounds like attorney efficiency. 

But Olan loves his Bronco because it’s American, vintage, a convertible and a great surf car. 

Olan then shared his thoughts on the best part of the car. 

“Hearty and cool, runs great and the engine sounds [awesome],” Olan said. 

Since David pretty much only uses this car for scootin’ the Bu and surf trips up and down, it’s awesomeness is strictly shared on a need-to-know basis. And you, my fine free surfheads, need to know.

“People are always commenting on it,” Olan said. “After you did the photo shoot for the Surfside [News], I drove it to Trancas to look for waves. I went to the Vintage Market and a guy with a hot fitness model comes up and excitedly says that the car would be perfect for his photo shoot. I figured he was just a poser, but gave him my number so he could call me. And he did. I told him to come over and he showed up with a full-on entourage and they did a photo shoot with a model and came back the next day when I was gone. Took the car up to Westward with Alan, got some great pics with the model in a bikini standing on the surfboard with the rack.” 

Yes, that’s awesome on an epic level.

“I love the openness of driving the Bronco and being able to look around and ‘feel’ Malibu,” Olan continued. “The soft breezes, smell of the ocean air and beautiful mountains and beaches. Sitting up high on the road, looking at all the people and their cars while they stare, point, wave and honk at me — I get a lot of thumbs up when I drive this.”

Hate to bring this up again — actually I don’t — but Malibu is all about the love. The beauty, food, cars and people. It’s Paradise Found, 24/7. And it’s people like Olan who have managed to snag a cool vehicular contraption to squiddle his way up and down the coast in search of waves. Oh, and if you find yourself in a jam, Olan’s the man to get you out of it. Visit www.OlanLaw.com

His favorite roads? PCH, Bird View through Point Dume and Corral Canyon. Sounds like a hat trick to me.

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