What’s it like to drive a 1988 FORD MUSTANG GT?

If you’ve perused the nightlife here in Malibu, most likely you’ve come across the harmonic sounds of Bobby Waters. 

As a harmonica player and guitarist, Bobby gets his soulful inspirations from a variety of places — including the tailpipes of his ‘88 Ford Mustang.  

 When Bobby showed up to shoot this photo, he was excited as I always am about talking cars. Working here in Malibu, he gets the chance to drive amazing roads all the time. And although he’s had the car for a fairly short time, we got a chance to discuss mods and other things as we took off..

His car is a story of endless modifications.

“In ‘88, Ford did not make the Cobra,” Bobby explained. “But headers were installed and the car had been lowered with a camber kit. And it’s fast, very fast. Some of these old cars have had hundreds of heads under the hood and sometimes you really have to get in there to see it for yourself.”

Bobby picked this GT up in the hills of Malibu. 

“The car was previously owned by Will Farrell’s cousin,” he said. “I have had many people get behind the wheel of this race-car and it brings me great joy to see it in fruition.”

He also mentioned that the fox-body transcends space and time, because sent his previous fox into the wall at Lake Hollywood at about 50 mph. 

Yes, it was a totaled 1990 all-white California Edition GT — ouch. 

“The behavior of this vehicle really makes you pay attention to your position in the saddle, as well as your knowledge and dedication to proper maintenance,” Bobby said. “However, after a few blasted attempts, a guy can really get into the swing of things and find satisfaction in the process — and clarity in a firm acceleration.” 

Did he just say all that out loud?

“I love having my girl ride with me as she balances out the car perfectly and there ain’t nothing better,” he said.

 Bobby uses his ‘Stang basically to get to his gigs, but his favorite part is to park it out front when he plays at the Viper Room. 

He also enjoys working on it and acknowledges that Mustang drivers generally turn into mechanics, usually within an hour. 

But his best short story? 

“Once I got to take a spin with a race car driver named Fireball,” Bobby said. “Turns out he has a TV show about cars — and now I’m featured in the newspaper! Thanks for the driving lessons.”

Well, looks like Bobby had a good time, but so did I. Driving PCH and talking cars with friends is certainly high on my list. 

The best therapy that money can buy, even if it’s just for a few gallons of gas in this case. 

Thanks, Bobby, for lettin’ me drive the Pony. I’ll be sure to bring some carrots next time.

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