What’s it like to drive a 2001 JAGUAR SK8 from Celebrity Joan Steiger?

When you meet people like this week’s featured Ride of the Week, you really get a glimpse into the wonder and beauty that is everything Malibu. A central core of coolness that eludes other towns by the sheer level of fun to which we are gratefully blessed. We get to be kids here.

Last week we headed up to Point Dume to meet with actress Joan Steiger and see her 2001 champagne-colored convertible Jaguar SK8. Right off the bat, I could tell that this was going to be a fun one. Joan’s excitement and love for the car was enhanced by her story of how her husband, actor Rod Steiger, paid cash for it on a whim.

“Rod bought it brand new for me at Jaguar in Thousand Oaks for $80,000 cash. He was always prepared.”

The dilemma she said constantly faced with pointing out something she liked and Rod immediately getting it for her. 

“I have always had Jaguars and adore them.” 

But, although Joan’s life has been one of prosperity, her genuine attitude towards life and our visit was all about fun and very kid-like. It was like we just went over to our friend’s house to play. The crayons and play-doh would have fit right in, but we chose to go outside and play with cars instead. We could have stayed there all day and end up getting in trouble with our parents.

But regarding the Jag, Joan loves the way it drives and simply takes it out for pleasure, having lunch at Tra Di Noi virtually every day. How does she do that and stay so thin? Beats me. 

“First of all, I love driving period. I can’t wait to get into the Jag and drive along the ocean right outside my house,” she said.

Her excitement was infectious as she described the anticipation of waiting at a light just so she could feel the impending acceleration.

Being with Joan for only that short time, I was reminded that joy only comes from being present. And those that are present, experience the most joy. My experience with this beautiful lady was that she lives life by noticing all that is around her and wants the best. Not everyone loves cars like we do, but those that love life most actually experience the most out of life. The stories we tell, the drives we experience, the present beauty that surrounds us. Meeting someone who lives in that moment helps to inspire us all. Our visit to see Joan and shoot her car was a fun adventure and I’m grateful to her for allowing us to be in her home.

And one other thing — behind the car and the amazing glasses, a deeper sense with Joan was that she’s fearless. A trooper for believing that she could have what she wants and demanding it from life. A recipe for success that very few in this world experience. If you see that bubbly Jag driving on PCH, be sure to wave and smile. The smile you’ll get back will get stuck on your cheek. Thanks Joan for the great shoot! Next time, we’ll build a fort!

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