Here AT THE VLOG, we strive to keep things simple and in 21st century speak. So, words like “dude” may come up from time to time. Like… “dude, this is one of the best techniques for getting what you want ever created.” And although we concentrate on CARS & BEACHLIFE and how to achieve that, some of the Vlog inspiration comes from knowing what you want and focusing on it. This success requires you to concentrate.

So, we want you to know how to do this, so YOU can make your life a weekend too.

When you think of things in the past, images come to mind. Thoughts of what happened. For some, they come in colors or black and white, or just a feeling. Some people say that they don’t visualize at all. But this is only because they have not practiced. Yes, practice is involved just like anything else you want to cultivate. And in order to get what you want, you have to SEE it in your mind first. That’s VISUALIZATION.

But looking into the past is exactly the same as looking forward. YOUR mind can’t tell the difference. If you can see it, then it can be REAL. You’ve tried this before, haven’t you? You call it a coincidence. But, it’s not. Things in your life manifest because you are “thinking of them” consistently over time. If you want to get control of this, then “visualize what you want” instead of focusing on what you don’t.

THE CAUSE. Get quiet. Close your eyes. Concentrate on what you want. See it. Then… the most important part of all? FEEL IT. See the image of what you want until you emotionalize it. That’s the octane booster to make it happen. Do this twice a day for 5 minutes.

THE EFFECT. The Universe will find a way, shifting, molding, putting people together to make what you want happen. This is how I do every project. And then… it manifests.

Don’t waste time visualizing on the negative and thoughts of fear… unless you want MORE OF THAT? Is that what you want? You can only erase negative thoughts by REPLACING them with their opposites.

MORE ON VISUALIZATION? Genevieve Behrend’s YOUR INVISIBLE POWER. A great resource.

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