What’s it like to drive a 2004 JAGUAR X-TYPE?

Sure, anyone can have a Jaguar. But a true English cat needs to be British racing green, and in the case of Richard Olsen and his 2004 Jaguar X-Type AWD sedan, a metallic green is officially hoyty-toyty awesomeness, and why it’s this week’s Ride of the Week.

As a Malibu Estates VIP concierge, Rich knows this town. He skirts people all over to our best destinations and probably knows every street there is here. He also does private vacation rental referrals for Malibu Villa owners and acts as a VIP concierge for their guests, so he’s the dude. Knowing the intricate streets of the Bu is essential to his success and it makes him appreciate it that much more. But wait. 

He’s also a part-time tour guide and driver for Malibu Discovery Tours, giving Luxury Malibu and Malibu Wine tasting tour. I’m so there. So, you could say that Rich drives a lot. A lot. And that means his butt is in the car for an extended period of time and he chose this Jag as the ultimate, “Affordable sense of luxury.” It also has extremely comfy seats for his, um, rear end.

But, although the Jag is virtually stock, its AWD, compact six, 228 horsepower, six-speed “J-Drive” automatic transmission gives it enough scoot and smooth shifting to keep up with the PCH big boys. The premium package includes a “Sport Drive” mode which Rich says, “gives Porsche drivers a surprise.” 

“Eight speaker Alpine Premiere sound system with subwoofer and 10-CD’s CD-changer in trunk,” Rich said “is old school, like me. No mods — just truly beautifully designed by Jaguar, with a little reliability-help from Ford.”

“The beauty of this, and all Jaguars” Rich said, “is how logical and user-intelligence friendly all of the interfaces behave. Of course, as even with your latest smartphone/iPhone, you must take a little time to read the instruction manual … Then everything is at your fingertips.”

And how did Rich come to own this English Fantastic Feline? He purchased the Jag from a friend and fellow Malibu Discovery Tour driver named Stephen just last October. 

“Stephen is also a realtor and was moving back to Florida and did not really want to sell his Jag … And, ironically, I had been happily riding the Malibu — 534 Metro bus line for going on two years, and renting cars when really needed.” 

Attention all Malibuites: Ride the 534. Just try it one time. It is “the only, most reliable transportation in-and-out of Malibu. Plus, you might have fun, make new friends and you will save gas and help the environment.” I’m liking this attitude, dude.

With vacationers yearning for peace and tranquility, Rich helps our out-of-towners with all of their needs and activities during their stay as a personal concierge. 

“Having developed wonderful relationships from living in Malibu for almost 30 years and building Malibu Estates VIP Concierge, adding the Jaguar seemed the logical choice.”

Mostly, Rich uses it for driving into Santa Monica to get to the Malibu Discovery Tours Van, then back to Malibu like a yoyo. 

“Just having a cool car with a green beret driving cap to match, and being randomly asked if I’m from Europe … Brings out my inner geek.” 

And, of course, Rich’s favorite movie car is the British racing green James Bond Jaguar XKR from “Die Another Day.” Although without a machine gun and rocket launchers, I’d recommend he stay off the ice. Wait, I forgot, we’re in Malibu and ice hasn’t been invented here yet. Que sera.

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