Key to an awesome BEACHLIFE? Learn to MEDITATE.

Yes, this a SPIRITUAL DIY (Do It Yourself)

Actually, of all the things you could ever do that would improve the quality of your life, THIS IS IT. If you’re unsure, think about this… The David Lynch Foundation is teaching 1 million kids to meditate. The Beach Boys attributed 100% of their success to it and so did The Beatles. But,… How do you REALLY meditate? And why?

Meditation CALMS THINGS DOWN for sure. Gets you centered and FOCUSED. Helps to supercharge you ability to CONCENTRATE. And CONCENTRATION is the key to success. People who make BIG BUCKS, know how to focus and concentrate.

Meditation is learned just like anything else. The more you do it, the better you get. And the better you get, the more you want to do it.

IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. (I can’t say that it will cure Cancer, because I would (like many) be thrown in jail. But…. ) IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Step 1. Find a quiet place without distraction. “A quiet place.” You have 5 Senses. Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell, Hearing. You need to eliminate each one in order to fully meditate properly… and enter into THE SIXTH SENSE. SO go where it’s QUIET. Close your EYES. Somewhere clean that isn’t SMELLY. Get comfortable so that you aren’t in any pain. Sit in a comfy chair, or somewhere easy with your hands relaxed in front of you. Point is, any distraction will make it difficult.

2. Relax. Sit. Keep your chin parallel to the floor, and eyes forward, slightly raised. But comfortable.

3. Focus. Focus on your breathing. In/ out. Slowly. With each breath in, concentrate on being “CALM.”

4. Concentrate on relaxing your body. 5 minutes. Calming everything down.

Point is to slowly eliminate all thoughts. Let them wash in and out. Do not dwell on any one of them, but simply watch the breath. The longer you FOCUS on the breath, your body will begin to relax, followed by your thoughts.

…As your thoughts calm down, you will “FEEL” Peace, Love or Joy (Have a smile on your face), you’ll be in the presence of God. (God, being a state of mind that is Peace and not a big man with a staff.)

Do this when you are stressed. Practice. Infuse it into your life. 20 minutes in the morning (starting at 5 minutes and work up), then 20 minutes prior to bed. Keep your eyes up, OR YOU’LL FALL ASLEEP.

Yea, it seems like a lot, I know. But to say it’s worth it would be the biggest understatement ever. THIS WORKS. It is why you’re here.

FEEL LOVE, THINK LOVE, ACT LOVING… and LOVE will come back to you.

I’m not screwing around. If you were in a hospital room and the Doctor just left, telling you that you were going to die, it would not be funny. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. Use it. Live it and you will never be the same. (It also manifests cool cars!)

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