Having trouble CONCENTRATING ON COOLNESS? Let us help…

Everyone and their mother has tips on how to concentrate. Make goals, focus on what you need to do, blah, blah, blah.

The key to Concentration is about thinking. Not the effects of thoughts, but the thoughts themselves. It called First Cause. Understanding this takes PRACTICE. All those who have the ability to Concentrate and get what they want had to cultivated it like driving a car. They practiced.

Now, you could read a thousand books on driving and become an expert. An expert on reading books! But, if you want to really drive, you have to get your butt in the seat and go. It’s about PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

Concentration is cultivated and practiced by reducing our dependency on our senses and going “within.” That’s why Meditation is so important. But, if you want to learn to concentrate better, close your eyes and try to think of just one thing for more that 10 seconds. You’ll find that it’s difficult, if not impossible. But how do you improve?

Well, motivation is important, too. When you’re jacked up on a subject, excited about it, it’s easy to focus on it. And we all do. Look back on any success and you’ll see that motivation kept you focused. Your mind will stay the course more. But that’s fairly easy. How do you get excited about a job that sucks? Buy “seeing” yourself in a job that’s great! Hm… More explanation, please.

Remember, 2 thoughts cannot occupy the same space at the same time. If you don’t like what you’re focusing on, then replace it with it’s opposite. Darkness cannot exist in Light. Pain cannot exist where there is Health. Lack cannot exist where there is Abundance.

And Negative Thoughts cannot exist where there are only Positive ones.

Don’t deny bad thoughts, …replace them with their polar opposites. See yourself and your situation perfect and the Infinite will adjust your world to fit that vision. This is the LAW of CAUSE & EFFECT.

Concentrate on what you like. Make it easy on yourself. And be grateful for what you have. This will make your Concentration Practice easy.

Do It Yourself… On yourself. And have a great day!

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