What’s it like to drive a 1988 MERCEDES 560SL? Let this Travel Agent tell ya…

In life, you sometimes think you have to search far and wide for coolness. But, alas, sometimes it’s just right next door. 

Case in point, my old neighbor Chad Rodarme and his creamy colored 1988 Mercedes 560SL. Now, my Dad bought one of these back in the day and it was hot — I mean, German summer day hot. I used to sit in the back with my brother and whistle at girls, then duck. That pissed off my Dad so much that he was beet red before he even got a sunburn.

But, knowing Chad as I did at the time, I knew that he had passion up the wazoo. He’s a travel agent and manager for First In Service, with super high-end celebrity clients who want, need and demand perfection. And Chad is just the dude to give it to them. His attention to detail and demand for getting his clients exactly what they want is his nature and it transcends to his cars, too.

Along with a stealthy back BMW convertible, Chad’s Mercedes is flawless and all original. Being an ‘88 model, that makes it 26 years old and — wait for it, wait for it — officially a classic. Boom. Time to head to Barrett Jackson. He’s had it for four years and snagged it from a Beverly Hills dealer here in So Cal. Nicely done, Chadster.

“I got this car because it’s a classic Mercedes that defines the golden years of the late 70s and 80s,” says Chad. “It’s built like a tank with metal doors and nothing plastic, and I love the feeling I get when driving it.” 

Always leave it to the Germans to build cream colored tanks, I always say. Actually, I’ve never said that ever, but it makes for a good visual, eh?

Chad uses his awesome ride for weekend strolls down PCH with the top off and the waves crashing alongside him.

“I also love finding custom things for my cars. This particular Mercedes doesn’t have cup holders because back in the 80s, people drank their coffee at home. I found a guy in Florida that made custom cup holders for me and I have used them a million times over.” Imagine that, people drinking coffee in their homes. I mean, c’mon; that’s insane.

But, honestly, there’s something about this car that exudes class. It’s upright, poised and seems to say “I’ve got it made” as it passes on its way to a Starbucks. A present moment to cherish and share. Also establishing that nothing breeds success like success. This car is a keeper and will increase both in value and feeling — a keepsake on the road to abundance.

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