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What’s the point of the journey

Not the one where you have a destination or somewhere you need to go, but the act of the journey itself? Why do people get out and drive and literally have no destination in mind? Well, we’re gonna ponder this puppy for today…

The other day, a friend of mine showed up in Malibu with a 2016 Jaguar. The intention was to just drive, hang out, talk and be present. So, that’s exactly what we did as we perused from Cross Creek Road, up Malibu Canyon Road, onto Mullholland Drive, past the Rock Store and then onto Kanan Road and back to Pacific Coast Highway. 

My friend rarely gets to drive up in Malibu, so this was a treat for him; and for me, it was just cool to be shotgun in the Jag, because that rarely ever happens.

But this got me thinking: At its core, why do we do things like this? What’s the highest gift that comes from driving? Now, some might say it’s that you get to spend time with those you care about and talk. Some might say that you get to experience beauty. Some might say that the peace and quiet of driving alone allows them to think. I think all of these are true, but inductively, let’s find the commonality that gives rise to them all, shall we?

Driving is really about sharing and we have now entered into the world of sharing with the thousands of Social Networks, Texters and Cell Phones. But when it comes to driving, what are we actually sharing if you happen to be driving alone? Well, this is a pretty simple answer, yet epic in scope.

What we share are the stories. The moments in time that by driving alone, you experience and share with others you meet along the way or when you return. The stories you share when you’re in the car with others. The story I just shared with from you above. These stories are moments of life we experience that are infinite, powerful, inspiring and hold us in the present through visualization.

We see our interpretation of someone else’s story through the eyes of our imagination. This begs us to question what it would be like if we experienced it ourselves? Inspiring us to move.

Powerful stuff, thinking is. The power to instigate movement, change, experience, love, joy, peace and all things that make life what it is. And in this power that we all have, yielding it can create amazing things if we choose to give it in the right way. The real gift of the drive.

So, the question is how can you give that? In what way can you be your best today that gives your story since we are all on the same journey. Tiny, small, medium, huge. All stories are golden moments that inspire others to live life and advance our race.

Take charge of your story. GIVE IT TO OTHERS… knowing that it can and WILL inspire them to new heights. Doing this is wearing the suit that fits perfect. The dress that lays just right. The shoes that you could walk a millions miles in. And then, once you’re set, the smiles will come so fast that you’ll become a Smile Millionaire. 

And that hurts so good.

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