Whats’ it like to drive a 1964 ELECTRA-KING ELECTRIC MICRO CAR?

Weird. It’s a word that describes all things weird, but let’s analyze this for a second. 

The word “weird” is one of those perceptive words than only describes what you think is weird. For instance, this week’s Ride of the Week. 

Some of you may look at this car and use that term, others may say it’s freakin’ cool.

Anyway, this week, it’s all about Jerome Jacques and his 1964 Electra-King Electric Car by B&Z Cars in Long Beach. 

Yes, American-made, baby – and it’s not a golf cart, so stop saying that.

Jerome reached out to me here at The Fireball Pad and said that he had something “unique,” so I headed up into the hills to see it. When I arrived at his Modern Hillside home, he pulled out the Electra-King and we got ready to take it for a spin. 

It was cool, for sure. And that’s when Jerome started to fill me in. 

“The power is 1HP and it’s got a two-speed motor that runs on six six-volt batteries, equaling 36 volts,” he said. “The car is all original except a gas shock upgrade to prevent sagging. I got it this summer on Craigslist by luck, and traded it with some vintage tin toys. It was an easy project and the restoration took about three months. Still some fine tuning to do, and more training to master the odd steering mode.”

And that’s when it hit me. The right word: “odd.” 

Not in a negative sort of way, but simply hearkening back to a time where this car was functionally built for a purpose. An inner-city runabout that got you to the store, cleaners, sandwich shop or whatever was close by in town. This was the 60s, and the funk was coming. 

“I always wanted a micro car and loved the cuteness of the Electra King,” Jerome said. “This car is for me because it’s silly, happy and controversial. It puts smiles on people’s faces and has a serious ‘wow’ factor. The best parts are the toy-size and design. Like you’re sitting in a Pixar movie.”

So off we went and spun through the hills a bit, hitting an incline. After about two minutes, a small bit of smoke started emanating from under my seat. Not a big deal, just a loose connection, but caused us to flip a U, having to drive back down the hill and into one-way traffic! (You can watch what happened on my show, Vlog 240.

Needless to say that we survived — kind of. 

Jerome, having a background in handbag design, he’d like to do a collaborative collection of T-Shirts and accessories after his Electra King with Californian artists. A great idea. He’s also planning to go cross-country with it and film a documentary about such silly adventure.

“I haven’t had a chance to drive it on Malibu roads yet,” Jerome mentioned as we wrapped things up. “But I can’t wait to bring it to Cars and Coffee on a Sunday and have fun. My favorite road is the one that takes me to beautiful and new places and there are plenty in California!” 

His lil’ Electra-King will soon have it’s own website at www.electra-king.com, so be sure to pay him a visit. 

Keeping Weird, Odd and Funky things alive is what makes our automotive community diverse, fun and well, odd.

Thanks Jerome for having me join you to risk life and limb. An experience I won’t forget. Now, off to the market with ya.

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