You wouldn’t get in a plane, take off and have no particular destination. 

You wouldn’t get in your cool ride onto PCH without having some assembly of where you wanted to go. But in life, some of us just journey on without a plan, without a destination, without a goal and expect to get somewhere. Hmmm … not gonna happen people.

Life without a destination is hoping that something might happen and putting up with the mediocrity of comfort. And that’s lame, as life is meant to be lived fully, enjoyed to the max and driven hard. But in order to do that, you need fuel. In the case of driving life’s journey, your fuel just happens to be faith.

When you get on a plane to Hawaii, you plop in your seat, stow your luggage and start your cool iPad movie. But have you ever considered the fact that you’ve never met the pilot? Never checked the plane yourself? Didn’t even make sure there were no obstacles on the runway or if it’s faced in the right direction to get to the islands?

How about the fact of getting in your car and hoping that a tree, telephone pole, trash truck or mountain lion doesn’t creep into your path as you head to the local coffee spot? (Caffe Luxxe just opened by the way, people!) You take these things for granted and expect to be safe. And that, my friends, is faith! Faith that you’ll get to your destination without even seeing it! Expecting that Hawaii will still be there when you drop out of the sky. Whew! Glad it hasn’t sunk into the ocean yet!

So there it is. Faith is the fuel by which we live our lives, and many of us here in the ’Bu recognize that there is an energy around us that permeates in and through us all that advances our lives, as long as we acknowledge it and express gratitude. Having faith that it’s granting our desires simply because we have them is like a big, burly grandpa that’s bringing us something cool this weekend. 

Faith is the substance of things hoped for — the evidence of things not seen. We know this. We feel it. We live it. And according to your faith, as they say, coolness ensues. So this weekend, expect the coolness to permeate your life like it never has before. Put a smile on that mug and know that what you want, wants you. Know that around every corner is an ice cream shop, free fashion store, coffee joint, beautiful beach and friends that love you. Expect the best, and the best will appear. It’s that simple.

If we allow our minds to drive and have no faith, it will drive us to the loony bin. So keep the faith up, people, and live like the Malibuites we are. 

Oh, and come visit me at Wheels and Waves on May 21 at The Malibu Country Mart. We’re having a blast and the cars are amazing. I’ll have faith that you will. 

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