The Gift and sometimes Curse of PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY…

The Gift and sometimes Curse of PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY…

As some of you may know, I was present when the local woman was hit and killed on PCH last month. It was a tremendously sad situation, but a reminder of the truths of our road. It’s not really a highway, but a freeway.

As a rule, I do my best to keep the focus on the positive for these articles and I’ve met and spoke with many of you here in town that have expressed to me the concern of responsible action on PCH.

But since we know that common sense isn’t really all that common, and many of the accidents on PCH happen with those that don’t live here, it’s never a bad thing to remind all of us how important it is to be present, grateful and giving to each other.

For those who understand and those who strive to, the idea that what makes your life happy is just to give happiness into the world is a crucial concept.

I was very fortunate to have Dick Van Dyke as a guest of my Wheels and Waves Show two weekends ago — and spending some quality time with him solidified the truths of kindness, being present and being happy. He is a champion of Malibu and represents what we all need to adopt in our little town. 

But when tragedy hits close, we get a clear reminder that responsibility is important as we ride through life. Realizing that when we get in our cars, how we act and what we do in them is the seed of success. Now, speed limits are there not to actually limit us, but to help us enjoy our lives fully and not suffer from anxiety.

But speeding is generally earmarked for those that are experiencing fear on some level, right? Fear of being late, of missing something, of the stresses of work. And a simple answer to that is to leave earlier.

But many will give all sorts of excuses why they can’t … until it’s too late and something bad happens. And if you speed, it will. But again, the truth is that you can, you must and need to see life as a joyous time that we are given by God to experience all the best aspects. And to share those experiences with each other. 

It’s one of my most favorite things to go up into town, see people and talk cars. Share the journeys we have and the experiences of life on PCH. It’s not meant to be a scary thing, but a lifeline to beauty and giving.

It’s why so many come here on the weekends. But we, as Malibuites, don’t have to drive to get everything she has to offer as we live here.

Taking responsibility for our actions is actually a gift. An ever present conscious realization that if we do it right, we’ll be given a journey, a ride, an experience of a lifetime, literally.

So, if you see me in town or in a cool car, give me the thumbs up or a wave and let me know that you’re on board this automotive ark. Let me know that you love this town as much as I do and will do your part to keep it safe, fun and beautiful. It’s a little corner of the world, but it’s our corner.

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