AUTOMOTIVE INSPIRATION… The Secret to Car Wealth (First published in The Malibu Surfside News)

Yeah, I knew that headline would get your attention. Anytime someone mentions that they have a secret formula for making money and getting wealthy, people flock like squirrels to fat nuts. It’s the special elixir… the grand poobah… the money-master-secret-blaster all-around lottery locker. (I like that one.)

But come on… There as many formulas to getting wealthy as there are people on the planet and reading another get rich quick article isn’t going to do anyone any good. So, let’s talk cars.

Or maybe money and cars, so that way we can figure out a cool plan for driving awesomeness or at least thinking about it.

OK, wait. Thinking about it? What does that mean? Are you saying, Fireball, that if you think about something, it can become real? Like thinking about an Enzo and suddenly you’re driving one? Or how about thinking about a spaghetti dinner and suddenly, someone throws a noodle at you and it sticks to your forehead? Well, it’s all possible.

Malibu is an amazing town and I love it. But there’s a fundamental reason why. People here know how to think properly. Not everyone, but most Malibuites.

But what does it mean to think properly and how does that apply to the photo for this article? It doesn’t. It’s just a cool photo I took at my show Wheels and Waves and I wanted to share it. But, the “real” reason that successful people congregate here is because they realize that before your dream can come true, you have to see it in your mind first. It has to be clear. Crystal clear.

But that’s not enough. Having a clear picture is good, but add the caffeine to that — or the additional octane — is believing that you can actually have it. This is a tough one for people. They have a good picture — like my photo — but they don’t really think it’s possible. That’s hurdle No. 2.

OK, let’s recap: No. 1 is knowing what you want and No. 2 is believing you can actually have the awesome classic Caddy.

OK, so you do believe it? Really? Well, that’s awesome too and I’ll give you a doughnut with sprinkles later. But the third and final thingamajig is this. Listen closely.

The one thing you can’t do is chip away at it with dought. It’s like planting a seed and digging it up every few days to see if it’s growing. Not good. Chipping away are the doubts, fears, Dr. No’s and butchers who tell you how difficult it’s going to be or that you’re not being realistic. I love that word, “realistic.” Like who in this town has ever been realistic.

The point is, if you don’t get in the way of success, you actually get success. You have to eliminate all the Malibu road signs, bumps, curbs, stop signs and lame excuses. It’s an open road to your dreams. So just drive.

What? No actual Ride of the Week? Are you kidding? Well,… I just took you on one. The rest, is up to you.

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