AUTOMOTIVE INSPIRATION… Think Coolness, and Coolness Comes

We’re all busy, busy, busy. So busy that we sometimes forget what the original intent of Summer actually means. So, let’s take a ride in the Rescue Boot to remind ourselves of what giving coolness really means.

Malibu is a town of thinkers. Really great thinkers. We think of movies, TV shows, cars, clothes, pup rescues and many other cool things. We’re creativity experts and love what we do.

But, somehow, Summer get earmarked for giving when we should be giving year-round. And many Malibuites do, but as important as it is to do good things, it’s even more important to think good thoughts. That, of course, leads to the doing of good things. And the Rescue Boot is here to help.

We don’t need to rescue each other, we need to rescue ourselves. To be better people for Summer and year-round, we must provide for ourselves the idea of becoming advancing people. An advancing town. A town that loves growth and expansion.

And the only way to do that is to give more of ourselves. I’m not talking about giving money — unless you want to send me a check, I’m cool with that — but I’m talking about reaching out with our minds and saying that “we can.” 

Life is a ride. A ride we all can enjoy and flourish in. But, like airplanes as they fly to Hawaii, they’re pretty much 99 percent off course and have to be pulled back and straightened out constantly so they get to where they’re going. But if you don’t know what you want, you’ll never get there and fly around forever. Not good.

Point? Make a commitment this Summer to give yourself the best gift you can. Convince yourself that whatever dream you may have, know that you can achieve it. And in being your best, you’ll inspire others to do so, too.

My Rescue Boot and it’s critters work as a team as we do here in the Bu. Let’s not be afraid of each other and show other cities how we can work together to make this ride the best it can be and launch into 2018 with the desire for more coolness.

Put on your favorite flip-flops and head out today into an advancing world. A world that you create. And know that the only truth is what you decide and choose in your thoughts. Join The Rescue Boot and kick some life rump. Make the most of the Summer by making your Ride the coolest ever. 

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