Ride of the Week: Coffee, Cops and Cool Cars…

My rides take me many places, including all over SoCal to some of the automotive hot-spots which include museums, car collections, car shows and cool secret locations.

But the other day, I got to enjoy a drive down the highway to Caffe Luxxe in Malibu. A newcomer to the Bu, Caffe Luxxe wanted to show its appreciation for our small town by inviting Malibuites and guests for free coffee, representatives from the sheriff’s department to talk with, and cool cars to admire. 

When co-owner Gary Chau and I first met, we hit it off with our philosophies regarding this little town and the positive flow of success. PCH is a vibrant, living breathing thread through the community, and creating a safe and secure lifeline for all inside it was a worthy goal.

So Gary managed to pull Capt. Josh Thai as well as reps from the Malibu City and Chamber of Commerce, and I grabbed some cars from The Automobile Driving Museum (a classic 1951 Packard Police Car and a 1987 Squad Car) and Wikd Kustoms scary ’57 Chevy to create a fun experience.

A crowd gathered outside and in, including actor Tony Dow and his wife, Gary’s incredible coffee team, and a host of Malibu leaders to hear Thai speak of his love for Malibu and keeping PCH safe. Lt. Randy Tuinstra and several other cops were on hand to express their concern for summer safety and what we can all do to make Malibu a fun place to be.

All this at a coffeehouse. But unlike most coffee spots in town, Caffe Luxxe feels like a local’s hangout. Although they could use some tropical plant to give the place some life, the clean design and smiles are abundant from Gary’s team of young coffeeprenuers.

This joe is really different, and don’t get me started on the almond croissants — so good, they’re bad.

Also on hand were filmmakers doing a documentary on PCH, the producer being Michel Shane, the father of Emily Shane, who was killed on PCH. Their purpose was clear: If PCH is to becomes safer, we all have to send a message.

And the message is that laws are not in place for limitation. They’re in place as tools to guarantee a joyful experience to all. It’s very hard to appreciate this town when you fly through it. Relax, enjoy, watch and absorb. This is Malibu and there’s nowhere in the world like it. 

Check out Episode 621 of my show, Fireball Malibu Vlog on Youtube, to catch a recap of Coffee with a Cop. 

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