1947 PONTIAC STREAMLINER ALL STEEL SLED! – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 655 – An amazing day with this Malibu Vlogger revealing a sick 1947 PONTIAC all steel sled, incredible sites, RV’s and more. Plus some great inspiration.

The 1947 Pontiac Streamliner is a full-sized car that was produced by Pontiac from the 1942 to the 1951 model years.

Along with Oldsmobile, Pontiac had the distinction of having all three of General Motors’ mainstream platforms in 1940, but this would last only one more year. In 1940 Pontiac introduced its first B-bodied car, the Deluxe Series 28 Eight.

Also in 1940, Pontiac introduced the Torpedo on the C-body. The new C-body featured cutting-edge “torpedo” styling. Shoulder and hip room was over 5 in (127 mm) wider, running boards were eliminated and the exterior was streamlined and 2–3 in (51–76 mm) lower.

When combined with a column mounted shift lever the cars offered true six passenger comfort. These changes had clearly been influenced by the Cadillac Sixty Special.

In 1941 the A-body and B-body were similarly redesigned.

Consequently Pontiac renamed its entire line-up “Torpedo”, with models ranging from the low-end A-bodied Deluxe Torpedo (with a 119.0 in (3,023 mm) wheelbase), the mid-level B-bodied Streamliner Torpedo (with a 122.0 in (3,099 mm) wheelbase up 2.0 in (51 mm) from the previous year), and the high-end C-bodied Custom Torpedo (with the same 122.0 in (3,099 mm) wheelbase as the previous year).

1941 was the last year Pontiac offered a model with the GM C-body until the big “Clamshell” tailgate Pontiac Safari and Grand Safari station wagons of 1971-76. For 1942, the Torpedo name was assigned to the A-bodied Pontiac while the Streamliner became the B-bodied Pontiac.

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