You may know by now that Fireball had a severe Camera Malfunction. So, today it’s the Best Cars in BLACK! CLICK TO WATCH! New Vlogs start Friday including MOVIE CARS, WHEELS AND WAVES & what Fireball’s driving BELOW! a 1938 Hot Rodded Ford Convertible from THE MURPHY AUTO MUSEUM!

About the 1938 FORD… The 1938 recession hurt Ford sales, as did Ford’s continuing of the 1937 cars, including most body panels.

1938 DeLuxe models were differentiated with a heart-shaped grille, though standard models retained the 1937 look.

The fading Slantback sedan design was cancelled for good. Only a V8 was offered, either a 60 hp V8 or an 85 hp V8. A new dash was used, with recessed controls for safety.

The 1938 trucks were finally updated, having continued with 1935 looks. Changes included a vertical oval grille and substantial fenders and bumpers.

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