How to prepare for CAR SHOW SEASON…

So you love cars, eh?

And as passionate as you are here in the ’Bu about your ride(s), you’re having trouble finding the time to (pick one): 1) Wash it, 2) Drive it, 3) Build it, 4) Fix it, or 5) Modify it.

Well, I understand your dilemma and I hope this here article may help. Our lives are compartmentalized into time sections.

Time managed in order to complete the things you want, need and have to get done, right? And if you don’t handle all compartments in a day, your day can go south.

So, let’s discuss this for a moment and identify each compartment.

1) Clean it. The options are to wash the car yourself, go to a drive-thru car wash, or get a detail. Each one costs more than the other, but this is about time. If you wash the car yourself and do a decent job, it’s about an hour of your time.

A drive-thru is about $8 and takes about 2 minutes. A detail typically ranges from roughly $40-$120 and takes two hours. So, since this is about time, doing a drive-thru wash makes sense, unless you’re driving a Bugatti Chiron. Then, opt for the detail, at your mansion, along with your 22 other cars.

2) Drive it. Seems like a simple notion, but when you have a classic car, exotic car, muscle car or any other cool wheels, driving it is key. So, you need to make time to put your butt in the seat and go up and down PCH or into the canyons, preferably during the week when there’s not a bunch of crotch rockets.

Or, take it to one of the car shows in town on Sunday for two hours. It’s time well spent for the drive to and fro.

3) Build it. Well, here we get into a bit of an issue. Those who have unbuilt cars in their garages will say they don’t have the time.

But the truth is that they don’t have a plan. So, write out everything that needs to get done, put it in order and just concentrate on the first thing.

Dedicate 10 minutes, half an hour, or an hour a day and it will get done. It’s just like walking from LA to NY. Take it one step at a time. It may take a long time, but you will make progress and you will get there — eventually.

4) Fix it. Simple. Again, you need a plan or a good mechanic. Stop lallygagging and take the car in. Or start the plan and do the first thing. Even if it just means ordering the parts.

I have a friend who had a motorcycle in his garage for 40 years. He only recently built it and finally is enjoying the fruits of his labor. He’ll be the first to say that he should have done it 40 years ago. Time wasted.

5) Modify it. Again, a plan is key. Make a list of modifications, put them in order according to cost and do the cheapest one first. Don’t try to do them all at once as it’s a recipe for disaster.

An automotive lifestyle is a rewarding lifestyle. But so are others where you’re passionate about whatever it is that you are doing. A well-thought-out plan can create an abundant life. A good life. The Malibu life.

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