Designer of the Day… MARK STEHRENBERGER

A man I can call a good friend and inspiration. Mark and I have known each other for many years and he is an incredible designer.

Founder of MARK STEHRENBERGER DESIGN, an automotive/product design and development group, Ventura, CA and Montreux, Switzerland.

R&D from initial concept through 3-D scale model stage, for OEMs, suppliers and aftermarket companies worldwide.

Syndication of car illustrations and writer of related articles for major car and general-interest publications, e-magazines, and trade magazines worldwide.

R&D of young people’s fashion clothing, fashion accessories, swim wear, jewelry, wrist watches, and eye wear. R&D of proprietary food products and related marketing concepts.

Writer, producer, host and director of car-related radio and TV segments in Europe and USA, with focus on design. In English and German. Guest speaker at car-related events, “Car of the Year” presentations and auto shows, with focus on design. In English and German.

Painter of automotive fine art for private and corporate galleries, limited edition litho prints and posters. Holder of various design and mechanical US patents.

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