RIDE OF THE WEEK: Seven days in a five-door Toyota Prius V…

There are practical cars and exciting cars, adventure cars and silly cars, custom-built cars, manufacturer cars and over-the-top cars.

There’s a car for everyone, which is why it makes sense that the 2017 Toyota PriusV exists.

We all like different cars for different reasons and I’m not one to pooh-pooh anything with four wheels, especially if a company wants to send me a car. I drive just about everything between a classic ’38 to an exotic Jaguar, but sometimes you just have to put your feet on the ground and hop into a Prius.

Up until now, I wasn’t really into the Prius, as most people I see driving them either drive too fast or there are just too many of them.

But get behind the wheel as we do on our show for about seven days, and your perspective begins to shift.

Any car company that sets out to create a product to better the lives of human beings as a whole is to be commended. Sure, we can easily criticize just about anything, but as an evolutionary species, criticism doesn’t help us grow. Gratitude does.

So when the folks at Toyota built the original Prius, it wasn’t perfect or necessarily good looking. But as the years have gone on, the eco-friendly model has come into its own, adopting new, more interesting styling and refining its ability to transport us with ease.

Where the Prius excels is its ability to slowly adjust to our way of thinking without making us shift in monumental moves. Good thinking. Not everyone is ready for an electric car yet, but most are ready for some sort of transition.

The Toyota Prius fills that with its $23K price tag, five-door wagon configuration and 43mpg. Just about anyone can afford to keep the planet clean along with picking up after yourself. But that requires a conscious awareness, which many still don’t have yet.

This is why we still have gas guzzlers, trash on the beach and McDonald’s. But as we cruise into the 21st Century, many are experiencing a shift in their lives to expand and enhance their outlook.

What can I do to make my life better? The Toyota PriusV is certainly an option. Can it be refined more? Sure. Does it need more upgrades? Of course. But where it stands now is pretty good.

Need a conscious car that won’t necessarily break your bank, end up in a movie or wow your neighbors? The PriusV just may be it.

But if you’re like me, then you may want a Mad Max Cadillac Monster Truck Limo also. But parking that at Ralphs will be a bit challenging.

I commend Toyota for sticking to its guns and committing to creating products that serve humans best.

Yes, they aren’t the only tool in the shed, but from a practicality viewpoint, it’s an efficient tool that gets the job done. And that’s what you want so you can go get a cup of coffee, relax and know it was a job done well. Sounds like a plan.

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