BEST OF THE 2017 LA AUTO SHOW – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 714 Fireball takes you to DTLA for an entertaining Best of the 2017 LA Auto Show (2017 Los Angeles Auto Show). Concept Cars, Customs, New Cars and funny Interviews .

The Los Angeles Auto Show began in 1907 with ninety-nine vehicles on display at Morley’s Skating Rink.

In 1910, the event was held under a canvas big top at Fiesta Park. As the auto industry grew, the auto show changed venues four times throughout the 1920s to accommodate the growing needs of vendors.

In 1926, it took place at the corner of Hill and Washington where it stayed for the next four years. During the 1929 show, an electrical circuit in one of the airplane exhibits caught fire causing the entire show to go up in flames ending in more than $1 Million in damage.

With the help of the community, the show re-opened one day later at the Shrine Auditorium.

The show continued to prove successful throughout the 1930s, but took a down turn during the Second World War and went on hiatus from 1940 through 1951.

In 1952, the show re-opened at the Pan Pacific Auditorium with 152 vehicles on display, including those from international manufacturers.

In 2006, the show moved its dates from early January to late November/early December, thus resulting in two shows during the year 2006, the second marking the 100 year anniversary show.

In response to the rapid changes that new technologies such as driver assist and cloud-based infotainment are fueling in the automotive industry, the LA Auto Show organizers created the Connected Car Expo in 2013.

The growth of Connected Car Expo combined with the growing presence of a new breed of technology-industry-focused attendees at LA Auto Show’s Press & Trade Days resulted in Connected Car Expo and LA Auto Show’s Press & Trade Days merger to create AutoMobility LA for 2016.

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