Dr. Fabulous’ 1962 Jaguar Mark 2…

The hardest thing to do in Hollywood is pitch an idea to someone who does not have the same passion as you do about a given subject.

Example: pitching a car show to someone who isn’t into cars. They won’t get it.

Seems like an easy thing to resolve though, right? Just find someone who has a similar passion and go for the pitch! Yeah, if life could be that easy.

When it comes to selling cars or, in this case, being a car broker like my next Ride of the Week, it helps to have a passion for the subject. Case in point? My good friend Greg Gill, otherwise known as “Dr. Fabulous.” As a kid growing up in the South, Greg revered images of cars sparkling against the backdrop of the California coastline, beckoning him. Soon, he made his way to the West Coast and our Sunshine State to immerse himself in its glorious car splendor.

“I get to meet and work with truly interesting people,” starts Gill. “And their equally interesting cars!”

And interesting is certainly what Greg has his mitts on at the moment.

“This particular ride is a 1962 Jaguar Mark 2: finished in white, with red leather interior, chromed wire wheels and red-lines,” he explained. “It has the original, venerable in-line 3.8 liter six-cylinder engine. First delivered with a U.S. spec and automatic transmission, it has been retrofitted with a later model synchromesh transmission, including electric overdrive.

“This drive-line makes the car especially enjoyable while cruising PCH. It’s smooth and lovely, but when you head into the canyons, it’s a superlative curve carver!”

I mean, who gets to do this? Drive an amazing classic ’62 Jag through some of the most beautiful canyons in the world. Oh wait, that’s us Malibuites!

The exterior work of this incredible Jag was done about 20 years ago, with interior restoration having been completed in the past six years.

“We are especially pleased with the wood refinishing,” continues Greg. “This includes the beautifully integrated picnic trays, the smell of fine wood, leather and Wilton wool carpets — immediately familiar to lovers of British cars.”

But for Greg, the best part of this Jaguar from a driver’s standpoint is that it is rock-solid dependable.

“It always starts, never overheats and is comfortable,” he said. “The surfaces and switches are lovely to the touch, from a time long ago when luxury was functional. It also bears mentioning that appreciation from people along the road is palatable. The Jag never fails to elicit bright smiles and thumbs up — a stylish British charmer!”

Grey Poupon, anyone?

Of course, English cars have gotten a bad rap over the years as being undependable. But done right, any car can not only be dependable, but, as Greg calls it, a charmer.

And as a broker of amazing cars, Greg has had a chance to see, smell and touch some of the most amazing classics the world has ever known. Seems like a dream job to me … but I think he already knows that.

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