Monday Update! This week on the VLOG… 2018 Honda Civic Si, Train Car Rally, Bob’s Big Boy, Mermaids

Stacking up to be an interesting week! First off, I’m getting the 2018 Honda Civic Si to replace the 2018 Toyota Prius C (Watch yesterday’s Vlog to get my take on the Toyota). Anxious to get the Honda and big thanks to them for sending it!

New Kid’s Books being prepared for February! My BIG BOOK of Wacky Things will be out along with a Custom Book fro The Channel Island maritime Museum and another TOP SECRET Coloring Book! Plus, Kathie is working on a MERMAID Coloring Book!

Gonna hit the Bob’s Big Boy Car Show on Friday, then a very cool Train Car Run on Saturday out of Fillmore with my friend Andy Limon.

Then Sunday is the Vintage Car Show at Trancas. Swish!

Hit the CALENDAR to get details on these shows… and be sure to WATCH THE VLOG, duh. Smokin…’

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